AT Willem II

The renovation of the Willem II Fabriek marked the start of new era, destination and direction for the iconic building which once was a cigar factory. To gain attention for the anonymously wrapped up building we were asked to decorate it.

On the mesh and the scaffolding we developed a huge typography. The steel pipes of the scaffolding system was the grid we based our scale and design on. The glyphs were printed separately and attached to the pipes. The bicolor effect of the glyphs was attained by a small alternation of half a unit in a different color. Because the glyphs consist of a minimum of units the legibility of the square type depends on it. Otherwise the 'e' would be an 'o', or an 'a' the color system makes it.

So in the font we developed in addition to the project we needed a way to create this same effect. That's why we made a second font to the basic square font. If you place the two versions of the font directly on each other and give them different colors you get a decorated and legible typography; by filling in the negative space of the basic font.

After the renovation it was decided to transfer this custom type into a logo which bonds the future plans and different people and insitutes that house in the factory.

It's another free font, so feel free to download and use it!

ATTAK_ATWillemII_font1 ATTAK_ATWillemII_font2 ATTAK_ATWillemII_font3