Heinz "HeiWid" Widmer June 2013.

Last week our friends at büro destruct brought us the sad and unexpected news of the passing of HeiWid on the 1st of June.

We remember HeiWid as the most cheerful person with a talent to see the enjoyment in everything everyday life has to offer. To cherish little things as the biggest with great positivity. From that you could only learn. The Aare not only floats through Bern, but also flooded through HeiWid’s veins. The river was a great part of him, always, even in winter and it will for sure miss his countless dives as well.

He was the first one to reach out after our first call for an internship at BD. So, this post should have been about the often asked question what the BD fonts are doing in our font list. They were indeed made during the internship we did at BD in 2003. A great time, in which idols became teachers, and teachers became friends. During that period we built our first proper fonts and BD was there to teach us how.

For the BD members it will be very strange and sad to see his working place with its characteristic cable waterfalls empty in the future. We hope his girlfriend, family and BD get the best out of the beautiful memories of and warm moments with him. Sure it will never be exactly the same, but keep the good times in your hearts and honour him in traditions.

HeiWid had to battle the unfair fight against cancer. He would say “in the worst case use the wurst”, we would therefore propose to use that BD Wurst to celebrate the wonderful memory of him.


The BD Wurst page in the book BD II

We will miss you HeiWid. Long live HeiWid, Long live BD.

ATTAK | Casper Herselman & Peter Korsman