ATTAK_MuntelFor years I’ve been living in the quarter "Muntel". The ward once was built for the workers of ‘s-Hertogenbosch but due to expensive building costs only the middle and upper class could afford moving in the new houses. The name Muntel comes from muntelo, which means rough planted area in a dry swamp. Nowadays the Muntel is known for the rich variety of residents living in the quarter. Artists, students, families and yuppies live in the houses built in the early years of the 20th century.

A reminder of those days was the signing of the cooperative building society "Eigen Bezit". The fat, heavy, sharp yet round (I think) enamel forms are beautiful. Just perfect to be converted into a font.

My old house can be seen in the back of the picture. The buildings on the picture are all demolished and rebuilt. The signing is now moved to the central hallway inside one of the new buildings. Cool that they left that part of history intact.

The AT Muntel uppercase comes with a bevel angle.