ATTAK_atmosphereFor a while then I had the idea of making a monoload font. A font in which each character carries the same load and consists of the same amount of elements, the punctuation marks included. You know monospace. This is monoload. In addition to this the font is also monospaced.

Inspired by the great design of Peter Saville for Joy Division’s sleeve of the Atmosphere single (see image on the left), which was off course deeply inspired by the great works of Mister Wim Crouwel, The Dutch King of Modern Typography and his New Alphabet.

The New Alphabet takes a very bold approach, so not every character is familiar enough for direct interpretation; sometimes you need the surrounding characters to make out all the words. Therefore our font aimed for a little bit more legibility. But to honour the fact that every character consists of 22 elements, even the dot, it ended up as a conquest in legibility as well. Typing the font and expanding your type, you’ll find out the 22 elements are not melted together, but still separate. An idea, an experiment; now yours.