ATTAK_wanzllogoOne of the returning chores in life: shopping. Shopping for food especially. The supermarket is not very high on the list of My Favourite Places To Be. The actual consuming is always more fun than the buying part of it.

But on the bright side; it’s always a nice opportunity to spot logos and typography on products. The logo on the shopping cart itself for example. A lot of supermarkets have shopping carts of the brand called Wanzl, a worldwide company in shop interior belongings and logistics. Just recently they restyled their logo, but the version before this new one inspired us to make the AT Babyfat.

As the name says and as you can clearly see; a very fat font, but still a very friendly font with soft shapes. The original logo is slanted, but to we decided to do a straight font. The brand logo gave only five characters, so it left enough creative space to do a whole font. One that in the end still feels like your own design. So to use a Dutch saying; input or inspiration for a new font “sits in a small corner”.