ATTAK_willi_betzWe’ve been on the road through Europe a lot of times. Each time it’s pretty much getting to your destination as soon as possible while listening to blazing riffs. And off course spotting truck tarpaulins, which house some of the best logos in the world. (as well as some of the worst…)

Transportation is a nice theme for logos and graphics. Most of the companies have a long history and therefor rely on their timeless old school 1 or 2 coloured logos. Catching their message with minimal forms. One company stands out, but unfortunateley is not spotted very often on dutch roads. And that company is Willi Betz. Their logo is really great, clear, simple and unique (see picture, credits) As well a logo with a long history, just like the company. Timeless, no need to say.

We pictured on of their trucks. Pulled some vectors, and the outcome is our font AT Willi. The extended version contains wider glyphs. Keep on truckin’, full throttle!