Dichters Dansen Niet / Vuurproef

Vuurproef (Ordeal) is the last part of a trilogy by the collective Dichters Dansen Niet (spoken word on music by Serge van Duijnhoven, Fred dB & Edwin Berg).

We had the pleasure to design this publication which is published by Nieuw Amsterdam Uitgevers. The 7" sleeve holds both the CD and a set of 20 cards with Serge van Duijnhoven's poetry.

Vuurproef is an exploding hand grenade in a ballroom. To visualize this intensity we let the fire be the reckless subject. The outcome is a playfull yet fierce collection of images and lyrics. Captured only in yellow, black and silver you can almost smell the carbonized typography on burned paper.

ISBN 9789046816417

Printed by Drukkerij Vaes, Overpelt, Belgium.