In October 2013 the legendary punk rock band Bodyjar return with a blast with their first record in 8 years. They commissioned us for the sleeve design of the record, single and merch.

Role Model's theme is: “Why mainstream media put these people with nothing to say or contribute to society up on a pedestal to worship?”

We didn’t want to show one of those people, their style, their world or anything that would be them. Instead we wanted to show their hollow heads, the meaningless shows they’re in and the errors in their and the spectator’s heads. To symbolize this we took the test screen, because this can be compared to their talk and message: emptyness and no meaning. To show the errors we destroyed the test cards with glitches as the glitches are generated by errors.

This results in a rough, cut and paste, dark but yet colourful visual language. It’s a subtle image which invites to look closer and discover the meaning. The test screens hide faces to make the image more personal.

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