In 2012 Avans Hogescholen celebrated their 200 year anniversary. A celebration that coloured the whole year. We were assigned to design the festivities identity, the website, the signing and the special anniversary book, which can also find on our site. This identity was the starting point for the whole range. We searched for a combination in typography and graphic elements that incorporated an old style, but looked fresh and modern.

So we took a modern approach to the gothic blackletter. By taking a square on its side as the basic element of a grid that's also the building stone for the lettering we had a solid ground. To emphasize the celebrative character of the project we added the pattern of diamonds which united the lettering with a shape of a diamond; the crown jewel concept of Avans. Avans works with crown jewels; a collection of highlights in their history.

Finally to complete the agility of the identity we developed a custom font for the project's addittional lettering;
the AT Impériale. A monospaced typeface that fits the grid and has the shapes of the diamond pattern incorporated.

This font will be available in our webshop on januari 2013.